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As Border Controls Tighten Up, Know the Limits

4/08/14 • By Milan Korcok, TIF Contributor

This summer, the Entry/Exit program will go into full operation at the US-Canada border. US border agents will clock you in on your trip south, and Canadian agents will do the same on your northbound return; they will then share the data with each other and create an exact entry/exit profile of your travels.

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Here Comes the Sun—and the Savings! Spring Travel Tips

3/13/14 • By James Daw

The Beatles were sure right this year. “It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.” So it should not come as a surprise if many Canadians reward themselves with a spring trip after record-breaking winter weather. If you are yearning for a short getaway, keep reading for tips on how to save on spring travel.

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A Concerned Snowbird’s Mission: Did Bob Find Peace of Mind?

1/20/14 • By the TIF Team

When we first met avid traveller and concerned snowbird Robert Woodcock, he was worried about getting the right coverage for his regular trips to the United States—and frustrated with a lack of answers to his questions about the world of travel insurance. Above all, Bob wanted...

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