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Endless Waiting Lists, Or Medical Free Trade?

4/22/16 • By Milan Korcok

Earlier this year, we wrote about the dilemma facing hundreds of thousands of Canadians forced to endure months-long waiting lists for medical care, without which, many would die. This is a devastating prospect in a country that for many decades has prided itself on having a world-class health care delivery system. But as the waiting lists have grown to over 900,000 nationally, and as the average wait times just for an initial visit with a specialist have stretched to eight […]

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Crossing International Borders With Children: Be Prepared

4/12/16 • By Milan Korcok

If you’re planning on crossing any international borders with children this coming summer—even for short trips to the U.S.—get your documentation lined up. It’s not as simple as it used to be—and that’s a good thing. Child abductions by parents, relatives, or in some cases strangers are growing exponentially, and border agents worldwide are demanding solid proof that adults travelling with children (usually 18 or under) have permission to do so from at least one of the parents (or legal […]

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A Concerned Snowbird’s Mission: Did Bob Find Peace of Mind?

1/20/14 • By the TIF Team

When we first met avid traveller and concerned snowbird Robert Woodcock, he was worried about getting the right coverage for his regular trips to the United States—and frustrated with a lack of answers to his questions about the world of travel insurance. Above all, Bob wanted...

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